Thursday, 29 March 2012

100th YCS, Upcoming Format

So I'm sure your all aware that Dark Worlds took the win at the largest YGO TCG tournament in history. The deck is arguably a "rogue" deck as opposed to the big 3, but it is a top tier deck nonetheless. I firmly believe that this guy had a consistent build, and that is what got him the win. He opened up with the nuts almost every game.

This being said, I fully expected either Dino-Rabbit to take it, or Wind-ups to finally win one. I was wrong. There is always next YCS I suppose.

We have 4 more YCS's to go before GAOV becomes legal, so perhaps we will see a bit of variety, as seeing 3 Dino-Rabbit in the top 4 is getting old very quick.

Once GAOV does become legal however, I can see this format changing pace very quickly. Some predictions I have atm are:
  • Heretics will become tier 1. They have an excellent match up against Dino-Rabbit, but Inzecters and Wind-ups eat this deck alive. I can see this being a Rock-Paper-Scissors format.
  • Card Car D will be played in 2-3 in almost 90% of the decks. It is a decent card, sure, but I feel it is extremely over hyped.
  • Trial and Tribulation( TCG Exclusive) will be played in Wind-Ups as a Win-Moar Card.
  • Tardy Orc will have a lackluster effect that adds nothing to the Underworld archetype.
  • Inzecter Gruf being released will give inzecters the edge over Dino-Rabbit. Having access to rank 4 and 5 exceeds is no laughing matter. Its almost like giving Inzecters the same toolbox that Wind-Ups have.

Thats all for now. I have been thinking alot lately about taking a hiatus from the blog. It just isnt on my agenda lately, and I'm sure you have all noticed. If I do, I plan on keeping it open for certain events/coverage/releases. I haven't decided for sure yet, but I feel like I'm not committed enough. LOL.We'll see. Till next time. (whenever that will be.)

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